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Transportation Planning and Design


DuPage County Division of Transportation


Woodridge, IL

Project Team

Curtis Cornwell, PE, PTOE

Project Manager

TEG provided Phase I Engineering Services for the 87th Street & Woodward Avenue Intersection for the DuPage Division of Transportation.  This project was a locally led Phase I study using local funds for engineering with a combination of local and federal funds for construction.  This project was processed through IDOT Bureau of Local Roads and Streets. 


Services  included all preliminary engineering and environmental studies as well as public outreach to local stakeholders.  Engineering studies  included safety, capacity and feasibility studies, an intersection design study, location drainage technical memorandum, multi-use path connection design and right-of-way impact evaluations.  Environmental studies included Environmental Survey Request Form (ESRF) submittals, a Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment (PESA) and a screening for wetlands.  Public outreach to date has included letter writing and field meetings.  Ultimately, TEG authored a Project Development Report that documents data gathering, analysis, concepts evaluation and a recommendation of a preferred alternative for Phase II design.

Due to its proximity to the I-355-Boughton Road interchange, the area has experienced growth with the development of nearby properties.  The area will likely continue to grow which will result in traffic demand exceeding current capacity thus affecting operations and safety for all users.  The proposed improvements will alleviate future congestion and provide a safer and more efficient operation for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists through the intersection.

The proposed improvement will include the widening and resurfacing of the intersection that will provide dual left turn lanes on 87th Street and the south leg of Woodward Avenue.  A third through lane will also be added along 87th Street.  In addition, the existing traffic signals will be modernized and the adjacent multi-use path will be reconstructed as-needed. 

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