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TEG has grown at an impressive rate since the company’s establishment in 2008. TEG’s initial growth occurred during a major economic downturn prompting public sector clients to place even more focus on quality level of service when selecting consultants. 

Working as an extension of our client, TEG uses excellent engineering judgement and develops trust and consensus with project stakeholders such as governing agencies, business owners, and residents. Our experienced and passionate engineers are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and sound, cost-effective solutions to any engineering concerns. Our staff is well known for designing, implementing, and overseeing award winning projects that are completed on time and on budget.


TEG's growth in the last decade is all due to the efforts and commitment of our executives. Our President and Department Heads have been devoted to making TEG a professional environment with a focus in providing exceptional client service. To keep up with evolving trends, we continue to add staff and pre-qualifications to ensure our clients can continue to count on TEG’s trademark service at the highest grade® .

Tom Gill - BW.jpg
Thomas Gill, PE
Founder and President
Greg Benske
Construction Department Head
Greg Benske - BW.jpg
KV website.jpg
Kevin VanDeWoestyne, PE, ENV SP
Municipal Department Head
Cornwell BW.jpg
Curtis Cornwell, PE, PTOE
Transportation Department Head
Sujata Banerjee, MBA
Business Manager
CD BW 2023.png
Chris DeYoung, PE, PLS
Survey Department Head

 2015  Private Sector Engineering Firm of the Year 

Thomas Engineering Group, LLC was recognized as the 2015 Private Sector Engineering Firm of the Year at the 2015 ASCE Annual Dinner. TEG strives on supporting our employees and promoting healthy habits by maintaining a well-balanced work and life style. Through continuing education and financially supporting our employees in their professional committee involvement, TEG strives to provide our employees with as many opportunities as possible to help them advance their careers.

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