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Transportation Planning and Design, Construction and Resident Engineering


Village of Westmont


Westmont, Illinois

Scope of Work

Alley Construction

Project Team

Nicholas Orf, PE, CFM, CPESC

Project Manager

Eric Rose

Resident Engineer

Thomas Engineering Group provided planning, design, and construction engineering services for this $1.2 million alley reconstruction project.  The project replaces the deteriorated, poorly drained alley pavement within the Village’s central business district.  Phase I of the project included investigation and alternatives analysis with a specific focus on evaluating green infrastructure and sustainable designs.  Based on the alternatives analysis, the Village chose to replace the alleys with a design that included permeable brick pavers over pervious concrete pavement, and provides a new underdrain drainage system with storage under the new alley pavement. The work includes permeable brick paver installation, pervious concrete installation, open graded aggregate to create the storage area under the pavement, underdrain drainage system, drainage structures for future storm run-off connections of adjacent properties, new curb & gutter, sidewalk and HMA pavement restoration. 


Design and construction responsibilities included stormwater and pavement design, plan drawings and technical specifications development, bid assistance, contract administration, shop drawing review, inspection, documentation, public relations, coordination with Westmont Public Works departments, Downers Grove Sanitary District, and utility companies, and managing staff and budget.  This is the first roadway project in Illinois constructed with pervious concrete pavement sub-structure underneath permeable pavers.

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